Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Media Elements on PS Blog

Con and I will be adding a few media elements throughout 2009 to help spread the word round PS.

Podcasts: We will be recording at least one podcast a month. This month's podcast is on "The Five Moments of Need". One of our classics:) You can download the audio file for playing either on your PC itself or an MP3 player of your choice. To download the podcast to your PC:
  1. Right-click on link below you will get a pop-up menus
  2. Select "Save Target As..." from the menu to save the file
  3. Select a destination on your PC from the "Save As..." dialogue box

    Podcast Link: http://labpilot.learningguideonline.com/media/ps_podcast_1-09.mp3

We hope this helps!! Let us know if you have any questions, AND if the podcasts are working!

Recorded Webinars: Now that we're using voice over IP (VOIP) for the audio portion of our webinars we are finally able to record them and post them here! Click on the following link to listen to this month's webinar on "Selling PS into your Organization": http://labpilot.learningguideonline.com/media/ps_livemeeting.wmv Hopefully the webinar will automatically start playing in the media player on your PC. If you have problems let us know!

We hope you enjoy these new addition to the Blog!

Yours in Service,

Con and Bob

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