Monday, October 27, 2008

Greetings from Learning 2008!!

Conrad and I are literally sitting in Orlando listening to the closing general session for Day 1 of the Learning 2008 conference. It's been a great day with some amazing dialogue AND great talk around PS! More on that in a minute...

I've included a picture from today's General Session. Elliott has been doing a lot of talk around Next Gen - how to work with them, what's their make-up and learning preferences. We've also done some talk around gaming. This picture is BOTH! This group of students from a local College are developing a game for teleworkers. It's been great to watch them create the game and to interact with them through out.

Con and I have already done 2 of our four sessions on PS - (PS 101, and PS vs. Training). Great discussions. There is a tremendous interest in moving beyond training and truly having an impact on performance in the workplace. It's amazing how many organizations are considering changes to their learning strategy to blend and integrate this effectively. A few topics that came up:
  • ROI - How does PS impact training?
  • Maintenance - How does a learning organization reorganize itself to meet the tremendous demand and the immediacy of PS?
  • Blending -What's the right mix? Can training stand along, OR can PS stand alone.

There were some very powerful discussions around all this. Conrad and I will be blogging throughout the event and writing some for detailed observations after! We'd love to hear from each of you and ALSO hear from any of you who are attending or attended the event! Any comments or additions would be great!

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